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Mais Beja

Mais Beja


Beja Tour Guide

Beja Tour Guide - English.png

"Beja (Alentejo, Portugal) is a city with immense history, having been inhabited by several peoples for thousands of years, due to its strategic location. It is believed that the city was founded in 400 B.C. by the Celts.

In the 3th and 2th centuries B.C., with the Roman conquest, the city became part of the Roman Empire, to which it belonged for more than 600 years, first in the province of Later Hispania and later in the province of Lusitania, being called Pax Julia, and the Latin language generalized. At that time, the first Jews settled in the city. This city, which became one of the largest in the territory, housed one of the four chancelleries of Lusitania, created in the days of Augustus, founder of the Roman empire."

Download: Beja Tour Guide.pdf

To facilitate the use of the guide, the main tourist attractions have links to Google Maps,  when clicked, opens the location through the Google Maps app or site, on your smartphone, tablet or computer, showing information on how to get there. It also displays information about main attractions, schedule and days closed.